Thursday, February 19, 2009

In history nothing is committed!

Shubhashis Gangopadhyay bites on Interim Budget but nothing new, the other issue is that he himself is part of the finance ministry advisory he could not persuade them to include all those hard core facts of present (UPA, of course the) "UPS" achievements during the last five years. But compliant “sound like items from a laundry list” “the budget speech needed to give the government’s reading of the current economic situation and its outlook for the next couple of years. Second, it could have talked about how the actions taken so far are going to work in the economy and, by when. Third, it could explain how the actions taken so far are sufficient to arrest any further deterioration in the economic health of the country. Fourth, it could have outlined its desired policies to get the economy back on track. Then, and, only then, could the Minister say that, however, we will desist from trying to implement any of the new policies since this is an interim budget and let this be our suggestion to whoever forms the next government. Instead, the speech went into a laundry list of what the government has done in the last five years!

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