Friday, February 20, 2009

Crisis is the only teaching of education in India

Bruce Einhorn writes in the BusinessWeek “Then Murthy provided some of the bad numbers: “According to the academic ranking of world universities for 2007, India had just two universities in the top 500, in fact there was no university of India in the top 300 best universities in the world while Japan had thirty-four, China eighteen, South Korea seven, and had Brazil four. And India just 2.” Moreover, “India ranks a lowly 119th among 149 countries ranked in the citations index. Imagine 119th rank among 149 countries.” One more: “India filed 363 patents in 2004, the latest year for which I have the figure - compared to 84,271 filed by the USA, 35,350 by Japan, and 5,938 by tiny Taiwan.” 

We thanks ourselves and to others for the commendable job done by the Government of India and its policy makers to make India on the world edge in education ,of course the science..


kunu said...

u havent thanked nehru here

Chandra said...

Hello Kunu,

why should I thank Nehru here? I still consider him, as a evil man! of course if all Indian IITs and IIMs teach taking students from bottom 20% of degree pass outs and make the present status of good quality institution than i may change my view on Nehru.After all these institutions trains the students who already have quality skills to cope up.