Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Economists don’t inform everything rightly

If you say this to any one who served as journalist for a long time they will not believe you. It is not surprise to see any false information from The Economic Times. But it turnout now true that the top level economists/journalist writes like joking on the roadside tea shop! 

See in this case: Prem Shankar Jha writes in today’s ET According to the advance estimates of the Central Statistical Office, GDP growth had slowed down to 7.6% in the first quarter of 2008-09 and further to 7% in the second quarter.” 

And I don’t think it is a print mistake. 

What CSO press release says is the below one: 

According to the CSO, GDP growth had declined to 7.9% and 7.6% in the first and second quarter of 2008-09 compared to 9.2% and 9.3% in the 2007-08 during the same period respectively. 

There are serious pitfalls in the CSO calculation that is altogether different issue.

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