Saturday, April 5, 2008

Americans just won't do those jobs by chandra

Immigration economics nice analysis yet Sowell research yields! "Stanford economist Thomas Sowell puts it this way: "Even in occupations where illegals are concentrated, such as agriculture, cleaning, construction, and food preparation, the great majority of the work is still being done by people who are not illegal aliens."
Sowell notes that even in agriculture, the industry with the highest concentration of illegal workers, more than three-quarters of the work force is legal. Adding a measure of enforcement to the current no-match letters might, in fact, have the salutary benefit of prompting employers to consider hiring the 478,553 Texans who were unemployed in February. Hundreds of thousands of Texans are part of a readily available work force who can fill low-skill jobs.
Furthermore, Sowell's research puts the lie to the argument that "Americans just won't do those jobs." Americans can and will fill the jobs currently held by the illegal work force -- they need a chance to do so. The president's proposal should prompt businesses to look to the unemployed as the best option for filling jobs, and it just might help alleviate strains on taxpayers".Read further here not apocalypse.

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