Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Matrix of Ideas Transmission by Chandra

There is several ways to transmit the idea among human beings but no other method evolved on this earth except involving people.
"A teacher is the architect of future generation and hence the future of India depends upon the teacher to a great extent".
This article pity focused from student’s point of view. It reminds me several occasions where I encountered such absurd teachers, professors in class rooms in my school and college days.
There is also another article (Awakening a slumbering elephant: CCS in India) by respected free market economist in India is Dr Parth J Shah, President of the liberal think tank ‘Centre for Civil Society’ . He tells four different type of targeting the future generation to transmit the idea.
It really awake me to open the eye to imagine how one could march towards self sufficient of knowledge in a particular field or in institution or in society etc amazing when I realize the actions of ideas around the world played by human beings.

He engages reader quite well! Do read 7th article published in a book by IEA, London.

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